About us

I did not think that distant day in 1986 when I bought my first two "cassettes" ("Animalize" by Kiss and "Restless and wild" by Accept) that I would end up setting up my own online store. My passion for music led me, first, to be a collector and now to share that hobby with others and try to make it a way of life.

MetalOverstock is born with a double intention. On the one hand to bring people quality products from hard rock, metal scene and on the other to do so at attractive prices. ALL the VINYLS that we have in our store are NEW, although many of them are not sealed. It is a trend in independent record labels, which come with a plastic storage sleeve. All jerseys are official and we negotiate with international labels or distributors to get good prices. As we like collecting, we will always look for limited editions, colored vinyls, picture discs or boxsets.

We also have to say that, respecting the headliners, we're going to have a lot of independent stuff and minority styles promoting bands that are great in their genres but are not "mainstream" nor are going to fill large stadiums, not because of their quality but of the style of their music.

We can only encourage you to take a look at the store and we hope that you will find material for your collection.

Greetings, Felipe.