I will never forget that in the already distant year of 1986 I bought my first cassettes. "Animalize" by Kiss and "Restless and wild" by Accept. Since then I have not stopped, and after accumulating a large personal collection, the last step was to set up an online store. Metaloverstock was born as a solo project in which I will look for items that satisfy all vinyl collectors who like hard rock and metal in all its variants.

Our reason for being as a store is to search for discount products from different record companies and bring them together on a single website and at very competitive prices. Our star product will be vinyl but we will also have space for limited edition boxes and box sets as well as t-shirts. Although we will be adding new releases, our main objective will be to have a catalog of the main independent record companies, focusing on items that are not found in physical stores in Spain. This means that although we have articles from leading groups worldwide, we will have a lot of material from more minority style groups that do not fill large halls but have a legion of faithful followers.

As I am also a collector (as you could see in my RRSS) I like to make the shipments as I like to receive them, well protected so that they arrive in perfect condition. I also try to recycle as much as possible both the cardboard where I receive my orders and the bubble wrap to protect the vinyl, which doesn't hurt either.

And if you have endured this talk until now I invite you to take a look at the store and, if you find something you like, do not hesitate to buy it because we have very limited units and sometimes they are items that can no longer be ordered.

Nietzsche said that life without music would be a mistake and, although he was a bit like a cowbell, in this he was completely right.