Delain "A decade of Delain Live at Paradiso" Box

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Delain "A decade of Delain Live at Paradiso" Box

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Delain "A decade of Delian Live at Paradiso" 2 CD + DVD + Bluray Box. Napalm records 2017

Track list:

CD 1 : 1. Intro (The monarch), 2. Hands of gold - ft Alissa White-Gluz, 3. Suckerpunch, 4. The gñory and the scum, 5. Get the devil out of me, 6. Army of dolls, 7. The hurricane, 8. April rain, 9. Where is the blood - ft Burton C. Bell, 10. Here comes the vultures, 11. Fire with fire, 12. The tragedy of the commons - ft Alissa White-Gluz, 13. Dance macabre

CD 2 : 14. Sleepwalkers dream - ft Rob Van der Loo, Sander Zoer, Guus Eikens, 15. Your body is a battleground - ft Marco Hietala (vid), 16. Stay forever, 17. See me in the shadow - ft Liv Kristine, Elianne Anemaat, 18. The gathering, 19. Pristine - ft George Oosthock, 20. Mother machine, 21. Sing to me - ft Marco Hietala (vid), 22. Don't let go, 23. We are the others.

DVD/ Bluray bonus contents:

1. Documentary "We are the others - A decade of Delain", 2. We are the others (live at Masters of rock 2015), 3. Suckerpunch official video

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